Are All Brands Of Diapers The Same?

This is the age-old question for parents, Are all brands of diapers the same? The answer is no, for anyone who has purchased diapers will know the answer to that question. As new moms we want to have the very best for our babies but the most expensive diapers aren’t always the best choice. There are some expensive brands out there that are not the most reliable either.

But what happens in the middle of the night when you are out of diapers and the nearest store has a limited inventory of diapers. You may have your choice from the store brands or the more expensive brands. Which one will you choose? Most would say the expensive brand but we will show you that some store brands are just as good as the expensive name brands.

Not all brands are the same even though they claim to be as good as the next. There are some very distinctive factors that go into figuring out the difference in diapers. Read on and we will explain some of these differences and maybe you will change brands when you see that expensive name brands aren’t always the best.

What Makes A Good Diaper?

A good diaper doesn’t depend on whether or not it has a name brand or costs a lot of money. A good diaper will depend on a couple of things. The first thing to loHuggies Diapersok at is the material. Does the diaper material feel like it will fall apart the second it gets wet? Absorbency is one of the most important things to look for.

We know that you can’t tell what a diaper will feel like until you open the box so we can help. If you look on the diaper box, you will see the worlds super absorbency, these are usually good diapers. Stay away from diapers that seem flimsy or are not padded.

Another thing to look for is the elasticity. Does the elastic part of the legs seem stretched out and will leak? This is a big problem with cheaper brands, the diapers leak through the legs. The tabs is another tell tale sign if you are getting a good diaper. Some diapers don’t come with expandable tabs. Diapers with expandable tabs will best fit your diapers.

Store Brand Disposable Baby Diapers Vs Name Brands

Most people think that store brand diapers are not as good as the name brands diapers such as Luvs and Huggies. But that is simply not true. There are store brands and other less known brands that are just as good as other diapers. For example, if you are a Walmart Shopper you may have noticed that they carry names like Pampers and Huggies.

These diapers cost more but consider other brands like White Cloud. White Cloud diapers are one of the best diapers on the market today. If you are trying to save money, take a look at the Parent’s Choice Diapers, these diapers are underestimated. They work great and they are price well too.

Another way store brands are just as good or better as name brand is by quantity. Next time you are buying diapers take a look at the number of diapers in the box. You will notice that the more expensive diapers will have fewer diapers in the box. The store brands tend to have more and at a cheaper price.

Choosing a diaper is more work than you may have thought. Not all diapers are the same. It is ok to try the store brand diapers they are just as good as the other diapers even the supermarket diapers. Though places like Rite Aid and Walgreen have diapers that are very cheap but in those cases you get what you pay for. Diapers from your local gas station should be avoided too.

These diapers are flimsy and the tabs don’t always open. We hope we have changed your minds about buying store brand diapers, they are just as good and you will actually get more for your money and with a baby that is important.