Baby Diaper Size Buyers Guide

Choosing a brand of diapers can be challenging in itself but choosing the correct diaper size can be more challenging. There are 7 to 8 different size diapers. The sizes include Premies, Newborn, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5 and Size 6. Each of these sizes presents different weights for the baby. For example, Size 3 diapers are made for babies who weigh 16 to 28 pounds.

Most parents do use these sizes as charts for their babies. Most parents find these charts to be accurate. But you have to keep in mind that when your child is a bit bigger in height or smaller, you may have to adjust the diaper size a bit. These diapers are created to accommodate the children within these weights.

But as parents you are the ones who change your baby’s diapers so you will know best when your child is ready to move to the next size. We have put together a list of what each diaper size means and what you can expect from these diapers. It may make choosing a diaper that much easier.

Sizing Newborn Baby Diapers:

Some diaper companies call the newborn diapers Swaddlers. These diapers are for babies up to 6 pounds. These diapers are best used for smaller babies who aren’t the typical 7 or 8 pounds when they are born. These are great for premature babies. Diaper sizes are important to choosing a diaper. With newborns or babies who are born pre-mature, these diapers are perfect.

When you choose a diaper that is too big, there are diaper leaks and accidents happen more frequently. For babies up to 6 pounds these diapers are the best type of get. These diapers fit the baby well and they will be more comfortable for your baby to sleep in.  You can find Swaddler diapers from almost every brand out there from Pampers to Huggies. These diapers are not hard to find either; you can find them in your local Target or Walmart store.

Size One Baby Diaper Sizing:

Size One Diapers are designed for babies who weigh from 8 pounds to 14 pounds. These are the next side up from the newborn diapers.  The baby would be about birth to 3 months or so. Diapers are designed by baby’s weight not ages.  All kids are different sizes at the same weight and they may need a bigger or smaller diaper. Size One diapers range from 8 to 14 pounds so when you change your baby will have to make sure that the tabs are fastened securely if your baby falls on the 8 pound side.

You have to keep some things in mind when choosing a diaper size for your baby. The diaper has to fit securely on the belly and around the legs. When diapers leak, they will leak out of the sides for girls and through the top for boys. So choosing a Size One diaper for your baby should fit securely on the top and the sides to protect both girls and boys. Some companies have created diapers that are designed for just girls and just boys.

Getting Ready For Size Two:

Size Two Diapers are designed for babies who are 12 pounds to 18 pounds. You will notice that diapers sizes will cross in weights. For example, we just profiled size one diapers with weights from 8 pounds to 14 pounds and size two diapers range in weight from 12 to 18 pounds. You don’t have to automatically change from size one to size two when your baby reaches a 12 pounds. Size one diapers may still be a good size for you.

As we mentioned, the weights are the way the diapers are determined in sizes but you have to also take into consideration the size of the baby. The best way to figure out that you need to move to the next size is simply by size. If your child weighs 12 pounds and they no longer fit into the size one diapers comfortably then it is time to move into the size two.

It’s Size Three Diaper Time:

Size Three Diapers are made for babies from 16 to 28 pounds. These diapers almost double the baby’s weight. It is hard to determine what age your baby will be when you need the size three diaper. Don’t worry if your baby’s age is not consistent with the weight of the diaper. Every mom you talk to may offer their experience but it won’t be the same as yours. Your child should be ready to move to a size three when the size twos are too small and your child is having more accidents because of the smaller diaper.

Size Three Diapers are common sized diapers can be found in any local retail store. There are some really great brands out there but remember that not all diapers are made the same. New parents try to save as much money as they can when it comes to babies, diapers are rather expensive but necessary. You don’t have to go with expensive name brands, brands such as Parent’s Choice and White Cloud are less expensive and they work great.

Already At Size Four Diapers:

The Size Four Diapers are for children generally about ages 3 and up. The Size Four Diapers are designed for weights 22 pounds to 37 pounds.  As kids get older the diapers will need to fit more securely. You also want to keep track of the kids when they are wearing the diapers. Kids sometimes like to play with the tabs on their diapers. This could lead to accidents and many changes of clothes.

Size Four diapers should fit snuggly; the size three diapers and four are a transition diaper. The weights are crossed but all depending on your child you can either keep them in the Size 3 or switch over to the 4′s. The diaper size should depend on the child.  You may want to try to start potty training at this stage. Potty Training is at the discretion of the parents. But recommended to start around this stage.

Size Five Diapers Sizing:

Size Five Diapers are designed for kids 27 pounds and older. There is a size 6 and those are kids 35 pounds and over. Kids are generally 4 years and older and on their way to being potty trained with this size diapers. Some kids are bigger and must use this size diaper. Kids who weigh around 25 pounds but are only maybe 3 years old may still need to use the Size Five. Keeping up with the diaper sizes can be tough. If you notice, as diaper sizes get bigger the diaper boxes get smaller and more expensive. Potty Training may be your next step if your child is age appropriate.  Talk to your pediatrician and see what they recommend an age where potty training would be a place to start.

Last Stop: Training Pants/Pull Ups

Training Pants and Pull Ups are a great place to start potty training. It gives the kids the comfort of a diaper but the style of underwear. Training Pants like Pull Ups offer elastic like waistbands that fit your child. Some have easy open sides and others slide off slide underpants. Some companies make training pants for girls and for boys.

Companies like Pull Ups have these training pants available in Disney Characters to make potty training fun. They make training pants for daytime as well as nighttime. There are Cool Alert Pull Ups are a great way for your child to learn to use the potty. Most training pants are available in 2T to 5T.

Keeping your child in diapers can be very hectic. You have to choose a brand and a size that will help keep your child dry and leak free. A leaky diaper isn’t good for the parents and they aren’t good for the baby. You shouldn’t pay too much attention when other moms tell you that their 2 year old is wearing size 3 diapers and your 2 year old is still wearing size 2. Every child is different and if you are concerned about the baby’s size then talk to your pediatrician.

In the meantime, it is best for your child to wear the diaper that fits them the best. The top should fasten comfortably and the sides should be secure enough not to leak. Diapers guides are a just that a guide to help parents determine when their child needs to advance to a different size diaper. The best guide is your child when the diaper they are wearing can no longer benefit them, and then it is time to move on to the next size.